• Art and Design

    Art and design has always relied on the basis of pencil to paper.  My skill-set varies from the different fields and jobs I've held, however everything begins with a stroke of the pencil.  Sometimes in a coffee shop.  Sometimes in a meeting with executives.  Sometimes with a  writer and just his words.  It is then my job to take what they give me - be that words, images, thoughts, or just an impression or idea - and create a visual representation.  My success as a designer is in the ability to interpret what my clients give me and envision what they see or feel.  Then with my art training and the tools at my disposal, create the visuals within their desired budget and medium.


    The Artwork I create begins the same way, except I get the freedom to explore what type of story I want to tell through the process.  My pencil drawings have relied on the manipulation of form and focus on a surreal kind of story telling.  Painting is still relatively new to my line or artwork and I chose to focus on restricting my palette to only a few colors at a time.  This then forces me out of my comfort zone while still taking advantage of my experience in utilizing limited colors for T-shirt designs and vector art.


    At the heart of my art and design is a firm understanding of composition, graphic design, and color.  My Bachelors Degree in computer animation has only strengthened that understanding with the study of movement, video, and lighting.  Every project I take on or that is brought to me is an opportunity to learn more and further develop my skills as a graphic artist.

  • Film Work

    Feature length and short films have always been an interest of mine although I did not fully embark on making them until I moved to Rochester, NY in 2005.  The independent film community was growing and I found several peers to learn from and work with in telling their stories.  Unlike animation where I had to create everything from scratch, filming allowed for a more organic approach and taught me to recognize real world benefits as well as limitations.  My training as an animator became valuable on sets with my understanding of camera angles, color theory, and lighting.


    Since I started working on films, I've assisted on over 30 short productions and 7 feature length independent films.  Roles have varied including Producer, Director,  Assistant Director, Editor, Grip, Gaffer, Visual Effects Artist, Animator, Camera Operator, Location Sound Engineer, Set Photography, Camera Assistant, Production Assistant, and more.  I've even played the odd extra or minor character roles when in a pinch.  Working with the staff and crew is an amazing experience and it is always wonderful to see a project brought to life before our eyes.


    Filming continues to be a big part of my work load as I move ahead on writing new scripts and take on projects with my many colleagues from other films.  My filmography can be found here or through a search on IMDB.com.  Many of the projects I've worked on have gone on to win awards such as the feature film "Ink and Steel" and the short film "Mirror Lake."  I have found no other field that utilizes so many talents together as film.

  • Biography

    Born in 1977, Franklin Kielar grew up in upstate NY near Utica.  After graduating high school, he attended college at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where he pursued a degree in animation.  The use of traditional mediums learned in college was a great advantage in forming the look and feel for animated characters and settings.  After college he worked for a small startup company as art director before moving back to NY to further his career in the arts and film.


    Franklin has had several works of poetry published and has had many art exhibits in NY.  In the past ten years he has been a part of over 30 short films, of which awards have been given to Mirror Lake, Hope, and Brief Vision.  Along with the short films, Franklin has worked on many feature independent films including Saberfrog, The Bunker, and the award winning Ink and Steel.  He continues to work on feature independent films and short films along with his artwork.


Franklin Kielar

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