Franklin Kielar

Art and Design

Artwork has been a part of my life for over 20 years.  Working on my own designs, paintings, drawings, and film projects; continues to bring me rewarding experiences.  Throughout my career I have worked with great colleagues and there are few careers that offer more diversity and creativity.  Even the positions I've taken without a focus on design, I quickly found ways to use my design skills and bring those talents to the table.  Recently I launched a new website to sell prints of my artwork - Paris Hill Reflections.  This new name is the next step in my art career to utilize a consistent brand for my products.  Please go to my facebook page to like and follow this exciting new venture.  I will be attending art shows and holding exhibits and events each year.


Since graduating with honors from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, I've had the pleasure of working with many wonderful clients and employers over the years.  I started out at The Art and Frame Shop in Fort Lauderdale where I learned custom picture framing, matting, and presentation for both residential homes and museum quality; skills I continue to use today.  I then moved to Virginia where I worked with several colleagues as Art Director where we created promotional materials for the traveling Renaissance Fair.  I eventually moved back to NY where I lead the art department for T-Shirt Express , working with clients such as BMW CCA, Bootlegger Volleyball, Rochester General Hospital, along with many colleges, teams, and other organizations.  Working everyday on artwork for such a wide range of clients kept each day new and exciting.  Since then I've worked on marketing materials and stage productions for The Academy of Performing and Creative Arts, company promos and web design for Upstate HomeCare, and many more.  I continue to work with clients on a freelance basis.

Film Work

Feature length and short films have always been an interest of mine, although I did not fully embark on making them until I moved to Rochester, NY in 2005.  The independent film community was growing and I found several peers to learn from and work with in telling their stories.  Unlike animation where I had to create everything from scratch, filming allowed for a more organic approach and taught me to recognize real world benefits as well as limitations.  My training as an animator became valuable on sets with my understanding of camera angles, color theory, and lighting.


Since I started working on films, I've assisted on over 30 short productions and 7 feature length independent films.  Roles have varied including Producer, Director,  Assistant Director, Editor, Grip, Gaffer, Visual Effects Artist, Animator, Camera Operator, Location Sound Engineer, Set Photography, Camera Assistant, Production Assistant, and more.  I've even played the odd extra or minor character roles when in a pinch.  Working with the cast and crew to see a project brought to life before our eyes, is an amazing experience.


Filming continues to be a big part of my work load as I move ahead on writing new scripts and take on projects with my colleagues from other films.  My filmography can be found here or through a search on  Many of the projects I've worked on have gone on to win awards such as the feature film "Ink and Steel" and the short film "Mirror Lake" and "Hope."  The latest production being completed, "Grace is Gone," will soon be out and will be an exciting feature film to share.

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